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Home Insurance

This policy covers the building, household goods and personal belongings which includes jewelry, appliances, satellite dish and computers.
Insured Perils

We will insure the buildings and contents of your home against loss or damage by:
  1. Fire or smoke, lightning, explosion, subterranean fire, bush fire.
  2. Earthquake or volcanic eruption.
  3. Hurricane, storm flood.
  4. Riot, strike or labour disturbances.
  5. Burglary, housebreaking, theft or attempted theft, larceny, malicious damage or vandalism provided that no member of your household is a party to the loss or damage.
  6. Falling trees or branches, but not as a result or lopping by you.
  7. Escape of water from any domestic appliance or as a result of bursting or overflow of any apparatus or pipes situated on the premises.
  8. Impact by road vehicles, aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped from them or animals.
  9. Breakage or collapse of radio or television aerials fittings or masts
Cover in respect of perils 5 & 7 will not apply if the premises are unoccupied.




The private dwelling house, townhouse or apartment and all domestic offices, stables, garages and outbuildings used in connection therewith including:
  1. landlords fixtures and fittings, awnings, wall-to-wall carpets, jacuzzis,
  2. walls, gates fences and other paved areas,
  3. radio and television aerials,
  4. fixed water storage tanks and pumps connected thereto, solar water heating systems, water pipes and cables (whether above or below ground)
  5. sewage disposal systems

Additional Coverages

  1. Accidental Breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fixtures.
  2. Accidental Damage to septic pits, underground tanks, drains, pipes and cables providing services to and from home.
  3. Cost of Temporary Accommodation or Reimbursement for Rent lost as a result of insured damage – up to 10% of sum insured on Buildings and or contents.
  4. Automatic increases in sum insured in respect of cost of presents and extra food and drink purchased for Christmas or family member’s wedding up to 10% of the contents sum insured – Some restrictions apply.
  5. Alterations, additions and improvements to the Buildings provided you notify us within 30 days of their completion – up to 10% of the Sum Insured on the building to which they are made.




This sections will insure you against loss of or damage to the Contents by any insured peril.


Definition of Contents


Anything belonging to you or for which you are responsible whilst contained in the home, except the following:
  1. Landlord’s fixtures and fittings
  2. Any living animal
  3. Property more specifically insured
  4. Items used for any trade, occupation or profession unless specified in the policy schedule.
  5. Motor vehicles and accessories or anything in or on them.


Motor Vehicle Insurance


A motor insurance policy is a commitment from the insurance company that they will indemnify you, the insured, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. The policy protects you against loss, damage or legal liability that is incurred during the policy period.

Insuring Your Car

Reasons to insure:

  1. As the insured you have the security of knowing that you are protected when involved in an accident.
  2. Financial institutions require insurance in order to secure a loan.
  3. It’s the Law.
Covers Available For Motor Vehicles
This policy provides cover in the event of loss or damage as a result of:
  1. Impact, collision, overturning, fire, lightning, burglary or theft
  2. Liability to Third Parties for bodily injury and property damage
Third Party Only – This policy covers your payment of claims for death, legal liability to third party’ as a result of an accident. Cover includes death of or bodily injury to the third party and damage to their property.


No Claim Bonus


For each year of claim-free driving, the company gives you a discount off your premium. For comprehensive policies your No Claim Discount ranges from 20 %., for the first claim-free year, up to 60% for claim-free years in excess of 5 years. 
Even if you are not at fault, once you have made a claim your no claim discount is likely to be affected.




An excess deductible represents a portion of any one claim that is borne by the insured in the event of an accidental collision. This is usually a fixed percentage based on the value of the insured’s vehicle.


In The Event Of An Accident


The items for which you can claim are dependent on the type of cover you purchased..
Comprehensive policies, as discussed above, cover both parties involved in the accident whereas Third Party cover is limited to covering the other parties involved.


Immediately following an accident you must request the documentation for the other party’s vehicle. This includes the Insurance Certificate, Registration Documents, Driver’s License and Certificate of Fitness. Please make sure that documents have not expired.
It is important to gather all the information that you can about the other party involved, as it will help your claims agent to settle your claim more efficiently.


The following information is necessary :
  • Name of owner
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Registration number
  • Type of vehicle
  • Name of Insurance Company
  • Full Name of driver address (if different from owner)
  • Name of potential witnesses and their addresses
  • Claims
In order that claims may be dealt with in a prompt and satisfactory manner, it is necessary that the company be notified immediately after an accident has occurred.




A report must be made to the police within twenty-four (24) hours. If the police are not available, take the measurements and have them agreed by the other party involved, or a competent witness. Try to obtain the names and/or numbers of the investigating police officer (s).


In case the accident necessitates repairs to your vehicle it should be removed to a garage or arrangements made for its protection until you can contact the company.


Since it is your responsibility to prove the claim, you are also required to provide an estimate of repairs and costs, including bills for medical expenses as well as any other information the company may require.


Your insurance company will appoint an assessor to inspect the damaged vehicle. The assessor will also check the repair estimate and make any necessary adjustments such as unjustifiable items or parts and estimate the amount of time that the vehicle will take to be repaired.


On completion of repairs an assessor may check the final repair bill. Your repairer will ask you to sign a satisfaction note, if you are unhappy with the repairs do not sign the note. 

Medical Insurance

Group Health Plan 
Access and affordability of quality health care is a growing concern for everyone. As part of its mission to alleviate the worry and stress associated with health care, NEMWIL has formulated NEMCARE.

This comprehensive medical plan is tailored to allow employers to give workers control over the maintenance or recovery of their good health while taking care of the financial burdens which inevitably arise.


NEMCARE Group Health Plan Covers:

  • A choice of Major Medical Maximum Benefit
  • Preventative Care
  • Immunizations
  • Maternity and Postnatal Care
  • In-Patient services
  • Outpatient Services including Surgery
  • Doctor / Specialists’ visits
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Ground and Emergency Air Ambulance
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Prosthesis
  • Laboratory Services
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Chemo / Radiation and Renal Dialysis Therapy
  • Psychiatric Care, Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Treatment
  • Private Nursing
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Emergency Overseas Benefit

Marine Hull & Liability


For vessels used strictly for private pleasure purposes, it provides coverage for:

Loss or damage to your boat, as well as outboard motors and other accessories caused by almost any type of loss as specified. Some main ones are collisions, fire, theft or sinking.
Sums for which you may become legally liable to pay, such as bodily injury to another person and/or damage to any other vessel or property, and arising out of accidents occurring during the period for which your vessel is insured (subject to an agreed limit).


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