General Claims Information


The promise we made when you insured with us is that we will be there for you in the event of a loss, which is covered under the policy.

At GK Insurance Brokers TCI we accept that the most important time to you our clients is when you suffer a loss.


In this regard, we at GK Insurance Brokers TCI set high standards for responsiveness and service with a human touch, followed up by our belief in living up to the commitments that we make when we issue coverage to our clients.


Your Initial Input


Your assistance in helping us to satisfy our promise can only be achieved by the following initial input from you:


  • Notify us in writing or via this website as soon as possible.
  • Notify the police immediately if a crime is involved.
  • Provide estimate of damage/loss within the time specified in your policy.
  • Do not rectify/modify damage without our written instruction
  • All indication of claims, writs etc. to be notified and forwarded to us immediately
  • Take steps to protect the insured risk from further damage
  • You should never admit liability


Some Insurance conditions that may affect your claim settlement


  • Sum insured & description of items covered
  • Policy excess / deductible
  • Average / under-insurance conditions
  • Claims activities condition
  • Reasonableness condition
  • Forfeiture condition


Because Stranger Things Have Happened


Let us protect you

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